Monday, June 21, 2010

R&D Update

Release RMS/ORMS 6.25 was sent to Bay Area Hospital on June 9. The next major release will be ForSite2020® 7.0 in August. Highlights of 6.24 and 6.25 include:

For the Surgery Department:

Multiple inventory locations for surgical supplies, equipment and instruments (v6.25.000).

Separate and distinct interfacing streams for either or both preference charges and preference material management transactions (v6.25.000).

Auto calculation of modified Aldrete scores and pain scale documentation in perioperative charting (v6.24.000).

Surgeon specific text instructions in preference cards (v6.24.000).

For Access Management and General Scheduling:

Real-time, bidirectional, conversation dialog text between hospital RMS users and physician office users (v6.25.000).

Ability to cancel/reschedule from any department or patient schedule list (v6.24.000).

“Red Flag” identity-theft alert for patients (v6.24.000).

Clinical question answers that support automatic decrementing of the procedure duration (v6.24.000).

In the area of new products, OCR handling with automatic import of fax/email documents and an independent fax server option are being integrated with POCET and POCET Lite for mid-July delivery.

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