Friday, April 26, 2013

Client News: Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Announces Executive Leadership Changes

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) [Schaumburg, IL] announced today a change in its executive leadership as part of its ongoing commitment to remain in the vanguard of innovation in healthcare and deliver the best possible care for cancer patients. Stephen B. Bonner, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since 1999, will assume the new role of Executive Chairman effective July 1, at which time Gerard van Grinsven will assume the role of President & CEO.
[View the  full CTCA press release here.]

Last year, nationally renown CTCA signed an agreement to deploy Unibased's award-winning ForSite2020® application suite across all CTCA facilities nationally. Unibased’s ForSite2020® solution includes enterprise scheduling, a consumer portal for patient self scheduling, a physician portal for physician office scheduling and order tracking, and a fax management solution for managing faxed physician orders. After an extensive evaluation process, CTCA selected Unibased as the best solution available to facilitate enterprise scheduling, access management and resource utilization across a major state-of-the-art national cancer treatment network. CTCA was seeking a solution provider with a history of delivering innovative new design to serve the unique needs of their clients. One of the features anticipated is to provide CTCA-affiliated healthcare providers with integration between their Microsoft® Outlook calendars and their hospital schedule. This integration will provide two-way communication between Microsoft® Outlook and Unibased’s ForSite2020® enterprise scheduling to expedite resource management, enhance physician relations and improve efficiency for streamlined coordination of care.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Client News: Welcome the New Management Team at Bayfront Health

Today marks the first day on the job at Bayfront Health (St. Petersburg, FL) for the new president and chief executive, Kathryn Gillette, who used the celebratory forum to announce the new chief financial officer, Eric Smith, and new chief operating officer, Lavah Lowe. Congrats to the new management team! 

In 2012,
Bayfront Health System selected Unibased's award-winning surgery management and physician order management ForSite2020® solutions to deploy across its 20+ operating rooms, with the primary goal of complete clinical integration, providing ease of access and sharing of pertinent information to areas such as PACU and inpatient nursing floors across the enterprise.