Thursday, March 8, 2012

Client News: Trinity Mother Frances Marks 75th Year

Trinity Mother Frances Health System in Tyler, Texas has been a valued Unibased client since 1999 and we honor them as they celebrate their 75th year!   In 1937, as America was struggling through the Great Depression, a small group of dedicated women from the Catholic order of the Sisters of The Holy Family of Nazareth committed to bring a modern hospital to Tyler. Read about their story here. Also included below is a video of the compelling story of how the hospital opened a day early in '37 to offer support during a local tragedy.

About Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics: Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics includes The Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital, Mother Frances Hospital-Tyler, Mother Frances Hospital-Jacksonville, Mother Frances Hospital-Winnsboro, Trinity Mother Frances Rehabilitation Hospital, affiliated with HealthSouth, Tyler ContinueCARE Hospital, a long-term acute care facility, and Trinity Clinic. Trinity Clinic is the area's preferred multispecialty medical group, with over 300 physicians and mid- level providers representing 38 specialties in 36 clinic locations serving East Texas. For more information on services available through Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics, visit

[Source: Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics]

Core Values Hold True

Unibased’s mission statement is:  "Unibased is a technology company.  We are proud of our engineering skills.  However, the reality is that our customers are our company.  If we exceed their expectations, enrich their environment, and help them grow by their definition, they will obtain success and we will gain trust and credibility.  Our size will not be important, because we will be appreciated for value received and paid accordingly.  Our shareholders will be pleased.  Our engineering will be recognized.  The cycle will continue and expand."

Celebrating our 26th anniversary next month, Unibased’s mission has remained and stands the test of time.  Forrest Lucas, Founder of Lucas Oil Products, summarizes four core values that hold true and to which Unibased lives and breathes by:

1.      Be honest to a fault.
2.      Put your employees first.
3.      Use products made in the U.S.
4.      Be fair.

A dedicated management team consisting of the finest industry experts has driven Unibased’s success from the beginning.  Combining business acumen with technical savvy, these executives guide our talented employees to create innovative products and assist our clients in achieving their business goals.  As Lucas explains, “You can’t compare a large, publicly traded company to us.  It’s like comparing apples to oranges…I empower my people to go ahead and do things themselves.  That means we can make more good choices in a day than many corporate giants." [1] 

Happy 26th birthday Unibased!  

[Source:  [1] Eng, Dinah. (2012, February 16). The Making of the Lucas Oil Empire. Fortune Magazine. March 8, 2012]

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Press Release: Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Selects Enterprise Scheduling and Surgery Management Solution from Unibased Systems Architecture

Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. (Unibased) announced today that Brattleboro Memorial Hospital (BMH), in Brattleboro, VT, has signed an agreement to deploy its award-winning ForSite2020® solution suite, including ForSite2020® Resource Management System (RMS), ForSite2020® periOperative Resource Management System (ORMS) and ForSite Analytics business intelligence tool.  After an extensive evaluation process, BMH selected Unibased as the best solution available to provide the physician and patient community with an enhanced consumer experience, facilitating access management, enterprise scheduling, surgery management and business intelligence analytics across the BMH enterprise for improved resource utilization and streamlined coordination of care.

The integrated solution suite will provide coordinated scheduling for all patient services and departments including surgery and streamline the scheduling of pre-surgical diagnostic procedures to ensure they have been completed prior to the day of surgery, as well as efficiently coordinate follow-up care and post-discharge activities to eliminate costly readmissions.  Unibased’s comprehensive ForSite2020® solution insures revenue growth by efficient utilization of resources to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.  ForSite2020® will also play a key role in the implementation of an integrated electronic health record (EHR), seamlessly connecting the surrounding physician practice electronic medical records (EMRs) to the hospital’s lab and radiology services, utilizing the State of Vermont’s health information exchange (HIE), which is based on the Medicity platform.  The HIE and other methods of communication with the community will improve quality of care, patient safety and healthcare efficiency.  Unibased’s ForSite2020® solution will facilitate these objectives as well as improve the coordination of patient care, and the integration with the HIE will provide a platform for participating physicians to confirm patient schedules based upon requested services in an expeditious fashion, strengthening hospital physician alignment and consumer loyalty.
Jon Farina, BMH Chief Information Officer, stated, “Unibased is the right partner for a hospital like ours.  They are committed and focused on providing not only a comprehensive, integrated and easy-to-use system; but also very focused on service and support.  They provided us with a cost-effective solution which combined both surgery management and enterprise scheduling into one integrated system, enabling BMH to provide our customers – patients and physicians – the highest level of service.  They also had a great track record at several other Siemens MedSeries4® customers, which meant a lot to us.  They truly care, and they take care of their customers.”   Deb Berdan, BMH Director of Perioperative Services, added, "Unibased will provide us with all of the elements required for an efficient O.R. management system.  We will have a user-friendly O.R. documentation system that will allow us to charge by exception from our electronic preference cards as well as have easy access to a large number of reports for process improvement.  Having 24/7 tech support is also an added benefit."

About Brattleboro Memorial Hospital:  Brattleboro Memorial Hospital is a modern, well-equipped and professionally staffed community hospital which has been serving greater Brattleboro and the tri-state area since 1904.  Throughout more than a century of caring for the community, BMH has kept up with medical technology which, in turn, has drawn excellent physicians to its facility.  The BMH Medical Staff boasts more than 100 board-certified physicians, active in both primary care and many specialties.  For more information, please visit

Monday, March 5, 2012

It's Patient Safety Awareness Week!

Use the hashtag #PSAW2012 to join the on conversations on Twitter about patient engagement for patient safety.

Truth, Perception & Reality Require Verification

By Larry Covington

Seek the truth, all the truth, not just the part you like.  The truth is easy to remember.  It requires less brain cycles.  Save your brain cycles for more important work such as imagination, creativity, humor, and awareness. 

However, as a caution, your truth might be different from someone else’s truth.  Observations can be colored by factors such as distractions as well as personal attitudes, experiences, emotions, and security.  Hence, while an individual’s perception is their reality, it is not necessarily fact.  Trust your observations, but be sure to wipe out the background noise and baggage. Question your perceptions.  In most cases, your observations will require a few questions.

Verify your perception and let your truth be reality.  Be internally satisfied with your insights and remember that many audiences are not interested in your views on reality.  Wisdom is knowing when it is beneficial to share reality with those around you.  If you must share, humor may be the best mechanism.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Press Release: Cancer Treatment Centers of America Selects Unibased Systems Architecture to Provide Enterprise Scheduling Solution

Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. (Unibased) announced today that the nationally renown Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has signed an agreement to deploy its award-winning ForSite2020® application suite across all CTCA facilities nationally. Unibased’s ForSite2020® solution includes enterprise scheduling, a consumer portal for patient self scheduling, a physician portal for physician office scheduling and order tracking, and a fax management solution for managing faxed physician orders.  After an extensive evaluation process, CTCA selected Unibased as the best solution available to facilitate enterprise scheduling, access management and resource utilization across a major state-of-the-art national cancer treatment network.

CTCA was seeking a solution provider with a history of delivering innovative new design to serve the unique needs of their clients.  One of the features anticipated is to provide CTCA-affiliated healthcare providers with integration between their Microsoft® Outlook calendars and their hospital schedule.  This integration will provide two-way communication between Microsoft® Outlook and Unibased’s ForSite2020® enterprise scheduling to expedite resource management, enhance physician relations and improve efficiency for streamlined coordination of care.

Chris Cashell, Assistant Vice President of Enterprise Technology Services for CTCA, stated, “One of the primary reasons Unibased was selected is their reputation for working with their clients toward development of new ways to improve access and resource utilization.  After conducting a comprehensive vendor evaluation and due diligence process, the CTCA selection committee concluded that Unibased offers a superior solution that is uniquely positioned to deliver the scheduling capabilities and integration required by an organization specializing in caring for cancer patients."

Bob Grass, Unibased Principal Consultant, added, “In the initial discussions with CTCA, it became clear that Unibased was the missing piece of the puzzle for them, combining the current Unibased ForSite2020® product set with the development of additional unique solutions for the special market served by CTCA.  We are delighted to assist CTCA in their very special mission and will be proud to share in their success.  CTCA’s newest facility in the Atlanta area will open in the early summer of 2012 with ForSite2020® in full operation.”

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a national network of hospitals providing a comprehensive, fully integrated approach to cancer treatment.  CTCA serves patients with complex cancer from all 50 states at facilities located in suburban Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa and suburban Phoenix.  Known for delivering the Mother Standard® of care and Patient Empowerment Medicine®, CTCA provides patients with information about cancer and their treatment options so they can control their treatment decisions.  For more information about CTCA, go to