Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Press Release: Contra Costa Regional Medical Center Implements Unibased ForSite2020® Surgery Management System

Chesterfield, MO., June 2, 2010: Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC) in Martinez, CA has successfully implemented the Unibased ForSite2020 Surgery Management software solution. CRMC converted from a Mediware surgery management system using Unibased automatic conversion software. The new system will help Contra Costa Regional Medical Center improve its operating room productivity and efficiency as well as help improve patient safety. ForSite2020 Surgery Management will be interfaced to both Keane for ADT and charges and to Meditech for materials management to insure continuity of data collection, transmission, dissemination and integrity throughout CCRMC.

The Unibased solution will enable CCRMC staff to capture all relevant clinical and administrative data automatically as patients enter and pass through the intraoperative environment of the hospital. The system is designed to help the hospital optimize the use of nursing staff, supplies and operating room schedules as well as the clinical care process.

ForSite Analytics, the Unibased advanced analytics/dashboard tool, will allow performance over time to be measured and managed, thus contributing to CCRMC’s advances in providing best practice cost effectively.

“We’re delighted with what this solution will do for Contra Costa Regional Medical Center. We are particularly happy with being the first California hospital to install the Unibased ForSite2020 Surgery Management System. We hope that the Unibased Surgery Management software will perform precisely as we expect,” said David Runt, Chief Information Officer. “Our clinical team is genuinely excited by how it will help us improve efficiency and patient safety while integrating with the other systems we have in place. Unibased has delivered on what it promised, within the timeline and cost agreed upon. Unibased is an extremely professional organization; one that delivers on all of their promises. Over the next few months we expect to see the system delivering its full potential, adding value within the organization and improving the service we provide to patients.”

ForSite2020 Surgery Management is a fully integrated software solution for the surgical continuum of care and reporting thus helping clinical staff to automate documentation of care through the entire patient pathway, helping to reduce the potential for errors. David Runt, CIO, said, “Unibased software will help us to manage resources more effectively than ever before in the most critical areas of the hospital. It makes it far easier for clinical teams to access information and manage data, and it is a clear example of how the appropriate use of information technology can help physicians improve clinical practice.”

“Every investment needs to demonstrate a strong return,” said David Runt. “The implementation has gone extremely well, and over the coming months, management, staff and patients at Contra Costa can expect to see the kind of benefits that only a specialized perioperative information management system can help bring to the surgical areas of the hospital.”

Contra Costa Regional Medical Center purchased the following ForSite2020 Surgery Management modules:
- Perioperative Charting for All Phases of Surgical Care
- Physician Access for Surgeon Office Scheduling
- Big Board/Patient Tracking
- Complete Surgery Scheduling Functionality with Pre-admission Testing
- Front-End Revenue Cycle Rules/Capabilities
- ForSite Analytics (Executive Dashboard)

Unibased software has been delivering operational efficiencies and improved communication to enhance clinician and patient experiences at hospitals for the last 24 years.

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