Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Press Release: Unibased Announces Solutions Aimed at Improving Provider Productivity and Population Management

Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. (Unibased) announced major enhancements in recent software releases aimed at broadening communication and strengthening ties between patient, physicians, and major providers. Included with the Unibased ForSite2020® product suite is advanced workflow management, greater operational efficiencies leading to easier access, improved revenue cycle management, and an enhanced healthcare consumer experience. The new solutions are being installed in several locations, and include the recently announced bi-directional scheduling capability with Microsoft Outlook®.

Unibased’s ForSite2020® offers significant enhancements that will have a substantial impact on healthcare organizations. New and innovative features such as a streamlined orders list for inpatient and outpatient physician orders provides detailed and comprehensive information on the orders, including reasons they have not been processed by the provider and a call history with the number of call attempts to the patient and physician. This new feature displays orders collected from all sources including the HIE, HL-7 based orders, or faxed orders, and offers an at-a-glance summary of all open orders as well as a drill-down view for more detailed information pertaining to the order, patient, and/or procedure(s). The solution also converts image data, such as faxes, to discrete data while retaining the image for audit trail purposes. This improved workflow and enhanced accuracy minimizes lost orders and coordinates the scheduling of resources in the most efficient and expeditious way possible.

Other new and exciting enhancements improve productivity with an interactive and prioritized work list to expedite processes and workflow. The new functionality takes the existing work queue and groups tasks together as well as provides an escalation of idle items for a certain specified number of days. The check-in/check-out daily work list displays all work queues for a given patient on the list and the ability to schedule an appointment directly from that list for increased efficiency.

New features have also been added to Unibased’s ForSite2020® Consumer Access & Scheduling for Healthcare (CASH) patient portal. The ForSite2020® CASH reminder notices now allow for facility-customized reminders for both patient requests and patient schedules to provide improved patient interaction and decreased “no-show” occurrences. Also added to ForSite2020® CASH are patient surveys allowing patients to rate their experiences as well as schedule post-acute discharge related orders and services. Providers should anticipate increased market share and an enhanced bottom line.

L.V. “Skip” Covington, Unibased Chairman & CEO, states, “The Unibased challenge is to help the industry recognize that the vast majority of healthcare operational and consumer-related data remains in an unstructured format even after the industry-wide push on EHRs and HIEs. Productivity remains difficult to improve because actual workflow remains manual folder processing-orientated in many areas. Unibased captures, converts, links, stores, and analyzes both unstructured and discrete data, which leads to transaction workflow monitoring to insure expeditious processing of orders, modifications, patient and resource schedules, and general distribution of information to the appropriate areas. Unibased is currently focused on convenient consumer and physician access to services as well as the education of the patient regarding various options and related costs for all modalities including surgery. Where implemented, provider ROIs are significant and can be reached within a short time-frame while requiring minimal resources.”

Download PDF of Full Press Release Here