Monday, June 28, 2010

Comprehensive EMPI and Related Services

Some may not realize that within RMS you have an enterprise master person index (EMPI) specifically designed for a large scale multi-facility environment. It includes services associated with the conversion of individual facility MPIs and ongoing interactive MPI maintenance with those facilities. The Unibased EMPI notifies you of duplicates such as social security numbers, and searches for errors such as inconsistent birthdates, name spellings, and so on.

Along with Physician Access, it will support and maintain an interactive physician’s office mini-MPI. Unibased provides conversion edits which address obvious garbage data in the MPIs such as 999-99-9999 for a social security number and flag the record for investigation.

A key feature of the EMPI is the option for a corporate-wide medical record number, which may be linked to multiple facility-based medical record numbers throughout the enterprise, or you can merge multiple medical record numbers into one. The EMPI contains patient data, linked to guarantor and subscriber, linked to physicians, insurance plans, orders, schedules and registrations. The system’s rapid search methodology provides sub-second retrieval of patient information, including multi-page lists, patient photographs, insurance card and driver’s license images, document images and, most importantly, positive patient identification because it allows you to rapidly discard garbage data and fully support patient safety.

Unibased has converted MPI data from all Siemens products, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, Eclipsys, Quadramed, Keane, etc., cleaning out duplicates and erroneous data, and establishing an error-free, multi-facility corporate EMPI for the future. RMS includes this basic product; namely, no significant license cost would be involved to upgrade. Unibased would provide access to a few additional EMPI windows.

Before you spend several hundred thousand dollars on another third-party product, you may wish to check it out. Contact Larry Grossman at ext. 168 or
Jon Castner at ext. 122.

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