Friday, June 18, 2010

Unibased March Madness

Since 1993, Unibased employees have had an informal office pool for the annual NCAA Men’s basketball tournament. After completing the brackets and before the tournament begins, each player turns in $1 to the pool (used to purchase the engraved name plate). The ultimate winner is awarded the “Unibased March Madness Wizard” trophy, and their name and year are engraved on the trophy. The trophy is kept at their desk until the next year and comes with 1 year worth of priceless, often relentless, "bragging rights". (In conjunction with the March Madness pool of 64 teams, a Sweet 16 office pool is held as the tournament reaches that point.)

The awards are presented at a company-wide luncheon, and the traditional fare is pizza and salad. The technical writing department creates a poem intended to entertain and "roast" the winner and all who played. The wacky poem lady, since 1993, has been Julie Hoevel, Senior Technical Writer. The party was held on June 8 this month, and it was won by Larry Weigel, Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration (pictured above). He’s good with numbers! :-)

On Left:
Ken Coppersmith, Senior Programmer -
"Sweet 16" Winner of Precious $17.00 Prize

On right:
Julie Hoevel,
Senior Technical Writer

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