Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Customer Update: Patient Portals - The Future of Healthcare

According to a 2010 survey of healthcare consumers conducted by Buzzback Research, 79% of respondents are more likely to choose a healthcare provider that gives them the option to manage various elements of the healthcare experience, such as appointment scheduling, registration and bill payment, over the Internet, on a mobile device or at a self-service kiosk. The most recent Access Management Journal (Vol. 34, No. 2), indicates that offering online services for consumers lends a great advantage for providers. Some of the benefits, such as reduced paperwork and streamlined processes, are obvious. Others come into focus over time: decreased paper and administrative costs, increased market share, enhanced physician satisfaction and loyalty, and most importantly, accelerated payments. Providers, however, are not the sole beneficiaries of this technology. For patients, online consumer access simplifies the scheduling and payment process, and provides a convenience that encourages loyalty. Today, patient portals have become a technological convenience for an enhanced online consumer experience that patients want, and increasingly expect.

Unibased’s patient portal, Consumer Access and Scheduling for Healthcare (CASH), offers many benefits, including increased patient satisfaction and convenience with decreased cost and provider workload…even providing a jumpstart on meeting meaningful use requirements with complete 24/7 consumer access and transparency.

With CASH, patients receive pre-visit questionnaires and preparation instructions as well as out-of-pocket expense estimation, self-service direction finding and check-in, and regular automatic preventative health reminders, including a link to scheduling so patients can immediately schedule care. This improved ease of access not only helps hospitals meet the growing patient demand, but also builds loyalty and leads to increased market share by creating a competitive advantage, making health systems more attractive for patients and physicians (directly resulting in increased patient volumes), by simply giving consumers the ability to personalize their healthcare experience and be more active participants in their care. According to a recent Health Management Technology article, “While traditional paper-based processes can make patients feel detached from the treatment they receive, patient-facing technologies immediately engage patients at check-in and set the tone for a care process that actively engages them at every step of the way.”

Access Management Journal, Volume 34, Number 2, “Online Bill-Pay: The Payment Option Patients Want – and Providers Need”, by James J. Moynihan, with Hop Wechsler.

Health Management Technology, September 2010, “Patients seek meaningful use, too”,by Ryan Sorrels and Theresa McGillvray-Dodd

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