Thursday, September 30, 2010

Client Visit - Bay Area Hospital

Early September marked a milestone for Bay Area Hospital (Coos Bay, OR). Jon Castner, Senior Vice President of Product Delivery & Support, recently completed the conversion of over 13,000 case files from Bay Area Hospital's legacy surgery system into ORMS compatible files. This gives Bay Area Hospital access to all of their historical case files with just a few clicks of a mouse. Why is this exciting news? The industry norm, when replacing an old system, tends to be that all the old data will be lost, converted into an Excel spreadsheet, and, in some cases, left in the old system running in the background somewhere to house historical data. As far as we know there are no other companies in the marketplace that provide this service at the data element level. In the future this service will be offered as a contract option for new clients. For more information, contact:

Jon Castner ext. 122.

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