Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Combining Pre-Visit Access Management with Optimal Resource Utilization for a Complete Patient Agenda

Revenue cycle beings with access management; and an enterprise-wide resource management system is a mission critical solution necessary to meet the demands of your current healthcare environment.  The access management and resource management solution provided by ForSite2020® addresses the issues of higher demands for services, caregiver staff shortages, fragmented operations, more demanding and educated consumers, competitive market alternatives, service cost reduction pressures, employee turnover and retraining costs, as well as regulatory requirements for consumer privacy and security.  All elements of the enterprise, including physicians and patients, need to work from the same synchronized agenda to guarantee efficient and effective service provision.
The ForSite2020® process provides an integrated relationship with other critical HIS functions including patient history, pre-registration and registration, eligibility and medical necessity compliance, insurance verification, admitting, census, orders and results, billing, inventory, human resources, and personnel certification; supporting the revenue cycle by providing conflict-free scheduling, notifications, retrospective analysis, and ongoing process refinement within a single, integrated, system to accommodate the requirements of today’s most complex healthcare entity.
While ForSite2020® emphasizes healthcare consumer services through the complete patient agenda, it would not be complete without ensuring that all understand payment arrangements, including the consumer’s portion, prior to service.  ForSite2020® monitors and facilitates these procedures in order to minimize bad debt and ensures all of the enterprise resources needed are available at the correct time and place, with conflicts resolved and clinically sequenced before presentation for scheduler selection.  Activities of key participants to the overall agenda (physician, patient, clinical staff) are monitored for pre-encounter requirements, and schedules and resources are aligned accordingly.  ForSite2020® captures schedule changes, and the alignment of resources and agenda updates are communicated automatically.  The overall matrix of an integrated solution requires constant automatic interaction, which reflects the dynamics of real-time policy changes and standard of care revisions.

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