Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Client News: Kosair Children's Hospital and OMSH Combine to Create New Facility

Source: 14WFIE.com
By: Dave Kirk
A partnership between two hospitals, miles apart is providing better neonatal care for premature babies.
Friday a new chapter in the relationship between Kosair Children's Hospital and OMHS.
If you live in western Kentucky and your child needs a specialist for their stomach or heart more than likely you're driving to Louisville to Kosair's Children's Hospital.
"We've had patients who've waited a long time to be able to have access to specialists. Out here in western Kentucky there's not access to that type of care," OMHS President Dr. Jeff Barber says.
"It'll take them an hour versus six to seven hours of driving time," Chief of Pediatrics OMHS Dr. Courtney Crews says.
Not any more. OMHS will now partner with Kosair creating a new pediatric outpatient center at the current hospital in Owensboro.
"It was an opportunity to bring other medical specialists to this community to see patients on. Sometimes there's patients that are such a critical condition that they require spectrum of specialists to see them to see them on an inpatient basis. Manage those patients form a chronic perspective for follow up visits. For preprocedure visits," Kosair Children's Hospital President Thomas Kmetz says.
OMHS President Doctor Jeff Barber says the new facility will make things a lot easier, "Convenience is very important especially in the primary care because if people can get to a physician, in an easy manner and then they will get to that physician and not put things off until they get a lot sicker," Dr. Barber says.
"Now the local kids in the community are going to get to see their specialists. They can come here for an hour and then get back to school," Dr. Crews says.
Dr. Barber says the new children's pediatric outpatient center will move out to the new hospital when it's built. That date set for 2013.
Hospital officials say 24 doctors will come from Louisville to Owensboro to see local patients.

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