Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Oakwood Healthcare System Partners with Unibased Systems Architecture to Streamline Healthcare Consumer Access to Care

Chesterfield, MO., March 23, 2010: Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. (Unibased), the leading provider of enterprise-wide resource management solutions, today announced that Oakwood Healthcare System has selected its consumer portal, Consumer Access and Scheduling for Healthcare (CASH), to simplify and expedite access to services. Unibased’s CASH provides consumers enhanced flexibility and instant access to healthcare services during these times of busy, on-the-go patient lifestyles. The web application is fully integrated with Unibased’s ForSite2020® product suite and provides 24/7 access to scheduling and registration, eliminating the usual impediments consumers experience in obtaining their healthcare needs.

“Improving convenience and streamlining access to care for our patients is an extremely important and ongoing effort for Oakwood Healthcare”, stated Lynn Flynn, Oakwood Healthcare’s Corporate Director of Revenue Cycle. “The consumer portal from Unibased is going to be a powerful addition to our corporate access center and will give patients the flexibility they need to be more informed and in charge of their healthcare delivery. We are excited about all of the opportunities this will provide to our patients and providers alike as we continue to meet their changing needs and priorities in these times of busy lifestyles and increased demand.”

According to Larry Covington, Unibased’s President and CEO, “Today’s healthcare consumer demands convenience. They expect more patient-friendly services that provide more information about treatment options, quality and price. Unibased’s CASH is a completely integrated web-based patient portal designed to improve communications between consumers and their healthcare providers by providing a patient-centered, consumer-focused model. We have to remember that this is all about the patient, and compassion for their needs in this day of rapid pace includes convenience. Consumers are more informed and in control of their healthcare decisions, and realize there are choices out there. They require the same conveniences they receive in other industries, including unrestricted access to scheduling services. By embracing an open, transparent and patient-centered environment, huge gains in safety and quality are attained.”

About Unibased Systems Architecture: Celebrating its 24th year in the healthcare information technology (HIT) industry, Unibased Systems Architecture’s reputation for product quality, reliability and supporting services has no equal. Unibased and its products have maintained the highest rankings from the KLASTM independent reporting for the last eight years. Unibased is often referred to as the “perfect vendor” by its clients. Unibased markets various products that are open, scalable, integrated client/server and web-enabled solutions, designed to meet the unique needs of sophisticated enterprise organizations. Unibased also has major solution offerings in the air travel market, providing real-time production scheduling, human resource, security and financial systems.

In the HIT industry, Unibased offers ForSite2020® as an integrated solution that provides alternative access management techniques, including scheduling, EMPI, and registration, and tracks patient resource needs from pre-access through follow-up. ForSite2020 also monitors the effectiveness of clinical programs, financial productivity and capacity management. ForSite2020 has an integrated module which addresses surgery procedure(s) and surgeon scheduling, pre-admission activity monitoring, surgeon preferences, suite utilization, materials management, clinical worker training and certification, perioperative charting, and surgery based EHR. ForSite2020 results in significant improvements in physician and patient relations by including a physician portal, consumer portal, automated order creation, a business intelligence offering labeled ForSite Analytics and revenue cycle functions such as validation of patient demographics, patient’s current insurance eligibility checking, assurance of medical necessity compliance and estimation of the patient’s out-of-pocket expense based upon scheduled and ordered services. All Unibased solutions are supported by integrated automatic data collection processes such as bar coding, facsimile collection and retention, optical and intelligent character recognition and document image collection and storage, all linked to the appropriate patient and administrative records.

Unibased products and services are available through direct sales, marketing partners, value-added resellers and system integrators. Unibased Systems Architecture is a private corporation founded in 1986, and is based in Chesterfield, Missouri. Visit Unibased on the web at www.unibased.com.

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