Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Client News: Trinity Mother Frances Hospital of Tyler, TX Named a Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospital!

CONGRATULATIONS to our clients at Trinity Mother Frances Hospital of Tyler, TX - TMFH was named a Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospital and Everest Award winner!

The Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals: National Benchmarks is an annual, quantitative study that identifies the best hospitals, overall, as measured on the 100 Top Hospitals Balanced Scorecard. Hospitals are evaluated against similar hospitals, in terms of size and teaching status.

This year’s best hospitals are setting new standards compared to similar hospitals. If all Medicare inpatients received the same level of care as those in the 100 Top Hospitals winners:

* 98,000 additional patients would survive each year.
* About 197,000 patient complications would be avoided annually.
* Expenses would decrease $5.5 billion a year.
* The average patient stay would decrease by nearly half a day.

If the same standards were applied to all inpatients, the impact would be even greater.

The Everest Award honors an elite special group of the National award winners. Everest Award winners have reached the highest level of accomplishment on the national Balanced Scorecard and have the fastest rates of long-term improvement. This award recognizes the boards, executives, and medical staff leaders who developed and executed strategies that enabled a culture of performance improvement to grow rapidly and consistently over five years within the hospital, and that resulted in setting national benchmarks for excellence in the industry.

To learn more about The Thomson Reuters 100 Top Hospitals, click here.

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