Monday, March 5, 2012

Truth, Perception & Reality Require Verification

By Larry Covington

Seek the truth, all the truth, not just the part you like.  The truth is easy to remember.  It requires less brain cycles.  Save your brain cycles for more important work such as imagination, creativity, humor, and awareness. 

However, as a caution, your truth might be different from someone else’s truth.  Observations can be colored by factors such as distractions as well as personal attitudes, experiences, emotions, and security.  Hence, while an individual’s perception is their reality, it is not necessarily fact.  Trust your observations, but be sure to wipe out the background noise and baggage. Question your perceptions.  In most cases, your observations will require a few questions.

Verify your perception and let your truth be reality.  Be internally satisfied with your insights and remember that many audiences are not interested in your views on reality.  Wisdom is knowing when it is beneficial to share reality with those around you.  If you must share, humor may be the best mechanism.

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