Thursday, March 8, 2012

Core Values Hold True

Unibased’s mission statement is:  "Unibased is a technology company.  We are proud of our engineering skills.  However, the reality is that our customers are our company.  If we exceed their expectations, enrich their environment, and help them grow by their definition, they will obtain success and we will gain trust and credibility.  Our size will not be important, because we will be appreciated for value received and paid accordingly.  Our shareholders will be pleased.  Our engineering will be recognized.  The cycle will continue and expand."

Celebrating our 26th anniversary next month, Unibased’s mission has remained and stands the test of time.  Forrest Lucas, Founder of Lucas Oil Products, summarizes four core values that hold true and to which Unibased lives and breathes by:

1.      Be honest to a fault.
2.      Put your employees first.
3.      Use products made in the U.S.
4.      Be fair.

A dedicated management team consisting of the finest industry experts has driven Unibased’s success from the beginning.  Combining business acumen with technical savvy, these executives guide our talented employees to create innovative products and assist our clients in achieving their business goals.  As Lucas explains, “You can’t compare a large, publicly traded company to us.  It’s like comparing apples to oranges…I empower my people to go ahead and do things themselves.  That means we can make more good choices in a day than many corporate giants." [1] 

Happy 26th birthday Unibased!  

[Source:  [1] Eng, Dinah. (2012, February 16). The Making of the Lucas Oil Empire. Fortune Magazine. March 8, 2012]

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