Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hospitals; Ten-Step Plan for Increasing Service Income and Ensuring Quality Outcomes

  1. Market and promote service availabilities to physicians and consumers.
  2. Expeditiously collect the physician orders and patient diagnosis, and convert orders to facility procedures.
  3. Identify and confirm the patient, guarantor, insurance plan(s) and eligibility, including medical necessity when applicable.
  4. Ensure proper service, service(s) sequence through clinical review of patient's history, linking to pre-service testing when warranted.
  5. Arrange payment program with patient/guarantor and insurance plans.
  6. Solicit patient preferences and special needs related to times, locations, transportation, and caregivers.
  7. Schedule and coordinate applicable resources for services, special needs, preferences, and set up patient reminder program.
  8. Expeditiously deliver services.
  9. Arrange for follow-up services prior to discharge.
  10. Monitor and manage process activities, including automatic priority-driven alerts.

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