Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Press Relase: East Texas Medical Center Goes Live with the Unibased Patient Portal, Consumer Access and Scheduling for Healthcare (CASH)

Unibased Systems Architecture (Unibased), delivering market-leading enterprise scheduling and surgery management solutions to improve access and coordination of care, announced today that East Texas Medical Center (ETMC) has implemented the Unibased patient portal, Consumer Access and Scheduling for Healthcare (CASH).  As the healthcare industry continues to migrate towards true transparency with a more consumer-focused, self-service model, patients are empowered to take a more active role in their overall healthcare experience. 

ETMC has already begun, starting with their own employees.  Through the use of the CASH secure, web-based application, employees are able to schedule their appointments at any of the ETMC facilities for a specified service. Self-service capability provides 24/7 access to scheduling, registration, patient schedules, prep instructions and demographic updates - eliminating several of the impediments consumers experience in traditional scheduling methodologies.

"We feel this service will give our patients added convenience and control over the scheduling event.  It will give them an opportunity to manage the event, which we hope will improve satisfaction and reduce no-shows," said Susan Shockey, Director, Referral Services at ETMC, about launch of CASH this spring, in which ETMC patients will use CASH to schedule mammograms.

According to Cynthia Borders, Unibased Vice President, Client Services and Support, the ForSite2020รข suite of products, specifically CASH, fills a void in the marketplace.  "In today's fast-paced society, any option a healthcare provider can offer to their patients to make access more convenient is a win/win for both the patient and provider.  We have heard stories of patients carrying a physician’s written order around for weeks on end because scheduling the appointment was not convenient in their daily schedule.  With CASH, these situations can be eliminated."

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