Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elkhart General Hospital selects Unibased's Physician Order Collection and Enterprise Tracking (POCET)

PRESS RELEASE: Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. (Unibased), the leading provider of patient access and enterprise wide resource management solutions and surgery management systems to healthcare known as ForSite2020®, announced today that Elkhart General Hospital (EGH), located in Elkhart, Indiana has selected the Unibased solution Physician Order Collection and Enterprise Tracking (POCET) standalone version POCET Lite to be their order consolidation solution. Elkhart General, like the industry in general, recognizes the resource intensive processes of tracking, collecting, reviewing, documenting, and archiving physician orders from several disparate sources. Additionally, assuring that the appropriate diagnosis code and local managed care criteria are addressed at the time of order submission impacts denials. Physicians may become sensitive to the numerous calls to their office by providers attempting to address the order management issues and, with the need for improved consumer services in the industry, market share may be at risk.

According to Jeff Fulmer, Director of Patient Accounts and Admitting at EGH, “Unibased carries a great reputation for product development and customer service; both rated #1 in the industry for many years. After assessing POCET, and talking to other Unibased users, EGH felt comfortable moving forward.” Dawn McCaskill, Manager of Integrated Patient Scheduling, added, “We selected POCET because Unibased consistently went above and beyond with EGH, providing top-notch customer service. I’m most impressed with their willingness to listen and tap into our talent, creativity, and ideas. This open communication will positively impact our end users and help gain acceptance in our physician offices.”

Elkhart’s scheduling and financial department leadership embarked on a year long evaluation of the leading order consolidation solutions available. POCET Lite was ultimately selected. In addition to very robust, web based, order submission functionality, POCET Lite also addresses the majority of orders that continue to come via a fax from EMRs and elsewhere by using its Optical Character Recognition software. All orders, regardless of source, are legible, indexed, and consolidated in a central repository. Bob Grass, Principal Consultant, for Unibased said: “I am elated about the significant financial impact we will make for Elkhart General. In addition to the efficiencies of improved order management, Elkhart will be able to truly jump start the revenue cycle by having all payor and clinical questions answered prior to service. These features, which are based upon more than 15 years of product performance history are what separated POCET Lite from the pack."

About Elkhart General Hospital: Elkhart General Hospital is an independent, not-for-profit, community-owned health care system in Elkhart, Indiana. The full-service, 325-bed main hospital serves more than 19,000 patients a month and the medical staff is comprised of 330 physicians representing 30 medical specialties, and over 2,000 employees serve in nursing, technical, administrative, and support capacities. For more information on Elkhart General Hospital, visit

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