Friday, October 1, 2010

Client Visit - Inova Fairfax Hospital

During a recent trip to Inova Fairfax Hospital (Falls Church, VA), Cynthia Borders and Peggy Pittenger visited the Inpatient Rehab Scheduling Department to review the unique requirements surrounding the use of Unibased products in an inpatient rehabilitation setting. The staff at Inova have done an outstanding job in being creative and successful in their approach to using RMS to meet their needs. Each day the rehabilitation department at the Fairfax campus schedules and treats over 300 inpatients. The large number of patients, combined with patient care (sometimes patients can only see one therapist based on their diagnoses) and the complexities of running a rehabilitation unit speaks to the creativity and dedication of those who maintain these daily schedules. To support Inova's scheduling needs, they use RMS Provider Schedules along with 9 custom Crystal Reports, and have had great success. If you have questions about how RMS can be used to support your hospital's inpatient rehabilitation center, please call:

Cynthia Borders ext 120.

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