Thursday, August 9, 2012

Press Release: Unibased and Vitalz Agree to Co-Market Products and Services

Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. (Unibased) and Vitalz (Tampa, FL) have formed a strategic partnership to co-market their respective products and services. Unibased has made a long-term commitment to integrate the Vitalz Healthcare Platform, a patient-centric community healthcare management solution, with the Unibased ForSite2020® family of products and services. 

According to Charles Kean, Unibased Vice President of Sales and Client Relations, “The Vitalz family of products is anticipated to complement the Unibased ForSite2020® strong presence in the healthcare consumer, physician, major provider interaction, and resource management markets. Unibased’s credibility, as demonstrated by 9 years of KLAS Top 20 [1] standings as well as its major account references, HIE integration and providing the missing piece required for disparate HIT product integration, will be supplemented by demonstrable elements of the Vitalz Healthcare Platform. Unibased is committed to the concepts of consumer population management and implications upon ease of access and revenue cycle management. In the short term, available elements of the Vitalz Healthcare Platform are expected to be integrated with the ForSite2020® Consumer Access & Scheduling for Healthcare (CASH) patient portal and eventually the ForSite2020® Physician Order Collection & Enterprise Tracking (POCET) physician portal. Over a longer term, Unibased will integrate all Vitalz components into its comprehensive enterprise access management system. Unibased will continue to provide a single source of the patient itinerary of services throughout the entire healthcare enterprise, eliminating intra-office and intra-facility conflicts which lead to consumer and physician inconvenience and subsequent reductions in enterprise revenue.”

David Weathers
Vitalz President
David Weathers, Vitalz President, added, “The Unibased marketing partnership is a key part of Vitalz’ plans to expand its market presence. Through this relationship, we will be able to offer Unibased clients the opportunity to be more competitive in today’s consumer-driven healthcare environment.  By leveraging the Vitalz platform, providers will communicate more effectively with patients and collaborate more efficiently with fellow providers throughout their communities. The Vitalz patient-physician portal is designed to tie together the disparate systems managing clinical data, personal health records, social networks and transaction services for the benefit of the provider-patient relationship. Ultimately, as with the Unibased solution, Vitalz’ goal is to positively impact patient care.”

About Vitalz:  Founded in 2008 by an experienced group of technologists and medical professionals, Vitalz partners with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) such as hospitals, health systems and independent physician associations (IPAs) – along with their providers – to improve operational efficiencies, increase collaboration among providers, and enhance patient communications.  The Vitalz Healthcare Platform employs the latest technological innovations to offer its clients custom, cost-effective software and services that solve some of today’s most pressing healthcare issues:  IT systems integration, physician workflows, referrals, business continuity and support, and patient safety. Vitalz’ technology facilitates information sharing and secure messaging between disparate applications and helps client organizations achieve their Meaningful Use compliance goals.  Vitalz is certified for Stage 1 Meaningful Use through the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONCHIT) for timely access to patient information, and has implemented rigorous security standards to insure the privacy and security of the data in the network. Please visit for more information.

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