Thursday, January 12, 2012

Press Release: Bay Area Hospital Selects Enterprise Scheduling, Consumer Portal and Fax Order Management Solution from Unibased Systems Architecture

Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. (Unibased) announced today that Bay Area Hospital (BAH) in Coos Bay, Oregon, has signed an agreement to expand the use of the ForSite2020® application suite to include ForSite2020® Resource Management System (RMS) for enterprise scheduling and access management, ForSite2020® Consumer Access & Scheduling for Healthcare (CASH) consumer portal for patient self-scheduling, and the ForSite2020® Fax Order Collection Utilization & Storage (FOCUS) fax management solution addressing faxed physician orders. BAH selected Unibased after conducting an extensive evaluation process to find the best solution available to facilitate enterprise scheduling and access management across a major outpatient service expansion as well as set the stage for enabling patient self-scheduling via the Internet for streamlined coordination of care and enhanced interoperability.

Key factors in the Bay Area Hospital decision included the advanced capabilities offered by the more mature Unibased web portals as well as the availability of  the integrated ForSite2020® FOCUS module that will allow BAH to initiate the patient scheduling process upon receipt of faxed physician orders. Scheduling through ForSite2020® FOCUS also automatically attaches the physician order to the pre-registration associated with the scheduled event, eliminating the current need for staff in the service-performing departments to manage, track and store paper faxes. BAH has been successfully using ForSite2020® periOperative Resource Management System (ORMS) for surgery management since July 2011; and this solution expansion will now provide coordinated scheduling for all patient services and departments along with surgeries that were already being scheduled in ForSite2020® ORMS. This will streamline the scheduling of pre-surgical diagnostic procedures, such as radiology, and ensure that they have been completed prior to the day of surgery, and efficiently coordinate follow-up care and post-discharge activities.

Brenda Curtner, BAH Director, Clinical Informatics, stated, “BAH is undertaking a major outpatient service expansion so we decided that this is the right time to expand our scheduling capabilities as well, enabling total outpatient service and surgical procedure coordination for our patients and physician offices.  We believe Unibased has the tools we need, and can help us achieve this in a short timeframe while we continue with other projects that are already underway.”  Bob Adams, Director, Information Services added, “We are excited about enhancing our relationship with Unibased and expanding our use of ForSite2020® to include the #1 ranked enterprise scheduling system.” 

"Bay Area Hospital has done a tremendous job of taking full advantage of the capabilities in the ForSite2020® ORMS surgery management solution and Unibased is looking forward to assisting BAH in doing the same with the rest of the ForSite2020® application suite,” stated Phil Amelung, Principal Consultant with Unibased. “Bay Area Hospital’s decision to move forward with Unibased not only reflects their desire to acquire the most functional solution available but is also a testament to the close partnership we have built based on trust and top notch service as well as the tight integration we have achieved with Siemens MedSeries4®.”

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