Thursday, September 29, 2011

Client News: Mon General Hospital Recognized for Outstanding Quality

SpecialtyCare recently announced that Mon General has received their 2010 Outstanding Quality Award for Perfusion and Autotransfusion services. SpecialtyCare is the largest provider of perfusion services, supporting one out of every ten open-heart surgery cases performed in the nation.

Ranked by SpecialtyCare as one of the Top 10% Best Performing, Mon General achieved this award based on the results of perfusion quality indicators when compared to over 160 open-heart surgery programs nationwide.

Mon General’s operating room staff and cardiac surgeons work closely with the SpecialtyCare perfusionists to monitor and provide quality services to the cardiac surgery patient. SpecialtyCare Perfusionists at Mon General provide Perfusion, ECMO, Anticoagulation Monitoring, Intraoperative Blood Gas Monitoring, and Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump services.

"We are thrilled that SpecialtyCare, as our clinical partner in the delivery of perfusion services, has recognized our commitment and dedication to safety and quality services for our patients,” said Linda Ollis, COO, Mon General. Mon General’s open-heart surgery volume continues to grow, in the last twelve months they have performed more than 325 open-heart procedures.

In a recent statement, Chris Wells, Chief Medical Officer and head of the Clinical Quality Improvement program for SpecialtyCare said, “Quality improvement is the way that value is demonstrated in healthcare today. It is exciting to work with a program that has taken this message to heart. Achieving the Top 10% at SpecialtyCare demonstrates that Mon General has improved processes and procedures that are measured during surgery. These process improvements enhance and improve patient outcomes. The Mon General Hospital team is to be congratulated for their hard work.”

SpecialtyCare is the largest provider of outsourced clinical services in the nation and is dedicated to assisting hospitals in their efforts to improve operational efficiencies, improve outcomes, and decrease blood utilization. SpecialtyCare provides highly specialized clinical services to the operating room and related areas of the hospital. Services include cardiovascular perfusion, autotransfusion, surgical assist, minimally invasive surgical support, sterile processing department management, intraoperative neurological monitoring, and anesthesia support. SpecialtyCare provides services to more than 575 hospitals in 40 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Germany. SpecialtyCare’s website is available at

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