Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Client News: York Hospital Nurse Jodi Arnold Earns Kitty Reisinger Heart of Nursing Award

Source: Around WellSpan Online

Jodi Arnold, R.N., left, accepts the Kitty Reisinger Heart of Nursing Award during the Excellence in Caring and Practice Awards celebration at York Hospital.
There weren’t a lot of dry eyes in the Arthur J. Glatfelter Lecture Hall after Valerie Hardy Sprenkle, vice president of patient care services at York Hospital, finished reading the Kitty Reisinger Heart of Nursing Award nomination for Jodi Arnold, R.N., of the GI Department.
Arnold's nominator wrote, “Her empathy, willingness to listen and continued giving of herself are just a few of her outstanding qualities.
“She strives to make patients’ lives better and to bring some sort of comfort in dismal times, when things seem hopeless. Her patients express kind gestures and words of thanks for her undivided love and dedication.”
Arnold, a nurse at York Hospital since 1985, constantly goes out of her way to assist patients and improve their quality of life.
The nomination related a couple stories of how she touched patients’ lives with her kindness, caring and compassion. One story concerned an elderly patient who was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and was given six months to live.
As his health started to deteriorate and Arnold was seeing him in the department more frequently, she started calling him regularly to see how he was doing. The calls turned into short visits on her way home to make sure things were going OK and to see if he needed any assistance.
After being rushed to the hospital in critical condition, the patient underwent an emergency procedure. At that time, the patient reiterated his request that he be let go in peace. Arnold spent the evening at his bedside, holding his hand. Many tears were shed as Arnold, the patient and his best friend, reminisced about the patient’s memorable life.
“The environment in the GI Department and the support of my co-workers allow me to do what I do,” said Arnold. “I bond with patients because if I had a family member with health problems, I would want them to receive the very best care from those who truly cared. I live by, ‘Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you.’
“Going the extra step means a lot to patients and their families. I just hope I can motivate and inspire other nurses to do so.”
Arnold said she acquired many of her positive traits from her mother, who graduated from the Allentown School of Nursing in 1962 and is still working as a nurse.
“Although I wasn’t considering nursing as a career, my mother encouraged me to consider it as a career because I was such a caring person. I’m glad I followed her advice.”
Kathryn “Kitty” Reisinger practiced nursing in York for more than 40 years until her death in 2002. Her son, Mark, and his wife, Tamara, established the award to honor his mother. The winner is selected by members of the Reisinger family.
In addition to Arnold’s recognition, nurses and physicians were honored in 25 categories at the Excellence in Caring and Practice Awards celebration. For a complete list of winners, go to Around WellSpan Online.

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