Monday, January 10, 2011

Client News: WellSpan Uses New Weapon for Treatment of Lung Cancer

Source: Around WellSpan Newsletter
Dr. Brian Pettiford, a thoracic surgical oncologist with WellSpan, became the first surgeon in Central Pennsylvania, and one of the few surgeons in the commonwealth, to employ a new minimally invasive procedure combined with brachytherapy to treat lung cancer.
The procedure is known as VATS (video assisted thoracoscopic surgery) sub-lobar resection with brachytherapy. Dr. Pettiford removed a cancerous portion of the left lung of a 71-yearold patient by using a thoracoscope, which was inserted through small incisions.
In collaboration with WellSpan Radiation Oncology, he then employed a technique known as brachytherapy by implanting a mesh seeded with radiation as a means to reduce the risk of recurrence while minimizing damage to surrounding areas.

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