Tuesday, July 13, 2010

R & D: Some Highlights of Release 6.25

Interactive Comments
Frustrated with calls back and forth to your physician offices? The newest enhancement to Unibased’s Physician Access portal has interactive comments. Whether it is the physician office or the access department, simply enter your comments in the interactive comments box and an indicator will let the other party know there is a message that requires their attention. Whether it is clarifying instructions, suggesting an alternate procedure or simply sharing specific information about the patient’s desires, instantaneous communication is at your fingertips.

New Managed Care Rule for Insurance Non-Coverage by Provider
An additional managed care rule is now available to alert schedulers if a provider they are assigning to an appointment does not accept a patient’s insurance. If a provider does not accept an insurance company's coverage, the system will provide a yellow warning at the time of scheduling.

Reminder Letter Enhancements

The reminder letter feature has been enhanced to allow for automatic generation for both the hard-copy reminder notice as well as an auto send of an email reminder notice.

Contact your Unibased account representative for more information on all the enhancements included in Release 6.25.

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